Meet the Doctor

Dr GenselDr. Gensel has always had a passion for helping people. When he learned about a natural approach to healthcare called Chiropractic he knew that was for him. Having been told by an orthopedic doctor that he should stop running (Dr. Gensel was a cross-country runner in high school) at the age of 17 due to a knee problem it made him more determined to help people who were told they could not be helped. (By the way Dr. Gensel did continue running-rehabilitating his own knee). Dr. Gensel received a B.S. degree from California State University at Long Beach in Zoology specializing in Human Physiology. He also earned a minor in Chemistry. After graduating with honors he went straight into chiropractic school and graduated as class valedictorian in December of 1991 from The Los Angeles college of Chiropractic.

After becoming licensed to practice in California and Oregon Dr. Gensel and his wife decided that Monterey was the place to practice. After being in practice for several years Dr. Gensel had helped many people but something was missing.

Many patients had conditions that he could do very little about and no other health practitioner had any answers either. He then attended postgraduate classes on nutrition called Science Based Nutrition. The light came on and the missing link was found. Through proper assessment and evaluation people can clean up their body chemistry (blood, organs, tissue, etc.) by eating healthier, exercising, making better lifestyle choices, and taking supplements for nutrients they are lacking. All nutrition plans are individualized and tailor made to meet the needs of each patient so the pathway to good health is clear. The patient only needs to walk the path to good health and wellness with Dr. Gensel providing a helping hand.